Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hebe is my idol

or rather 田馥甄! because she is on solo now, and has since released 2 albums. all her songs are very good. damn good!!! and she has become prettier and more cool over the years. she is my goddess!!

and she dares to try alot of different images and 造型, like in the picture above, its coming from her new MV 魔鬼中的天使, its really really good. can see a different side of her, as different from her usual in S.H.E

田馥甄 i love you!!

Forensic Heroes 3

i havent been blogging in months!!!! LOL.

and i havent been watching HK dramas recently, the last one being yes sir sorry sir. because the usual website i go to for dramas, was down. but now its back up! and now i am watching Forensic Heroes 3 very closely. i like it, but maybe not as much as the 1st and 2nd series, mainly due to the total new cast members. i love bobby and frankie lam! but ok lah, this 3rd one is still watchable. hahaha

Monday, May 16, 2011


its one of the better Taiwanese Idol Dramas in recent months. and the ONLY one that made me wanna follow and chase it every week. the male lead is so handsome! everyone in the cast act really well. thumbs up!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

a quote from Hebe...

... which i think makes alot of sense.


Hebe is so cool!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

呼叫大明星 Calling for Love

FINALLY this drama is airing!!!!!!!!!

it was supposed to show in nov 2009, then pushed to dec, then jan 2010, then feb... aiyo!!!!!

just watched the 1st episode, very interesting! i like Ah Sa's character, very good acting and lovable. hehe.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Shero - S.H.E

their new album is out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i bought mine liao, lucky raffles place MRT's CD shop got sell. haha.
putting it on repeat mode!!!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pandamen 熊猫人

when i first heard this title, i was like "huh?" then i read that its gonna be a superhero storyline, i was like "HUH?" bcos to me, panda is a slow n cute animal who kinda enjoys life n eating leaves. how can be super hero? at least batman sounds cool rite? haha.

anyway, reports state that jay chou had claim his drama would definitely make money. i raised my brows a little, because "pandamen" sounds weird. and then when it finally began airing in china, apparently ratings weren't so good, the china tv changed the show's time slot. sigh. i was very skeptical about this drama already, because the cast wasn't appealing, except for jay chou himself of cos.

i watched the first episode. and i had some comments:

1) from the first few minutes into the show, i can tell the budget for the production was high. explosions, dangerous bike stunts, car chase scene on the highway, ALOT of bullets flying around. it was like WOAH! very action-packed!

2) i didn't know that jerry yan could act in fighting scenes! always thought of him in doctor's role, rich man, lawyer, the very 帅 and cool type of characters. but oh man! he can act in action ones too! not the simple fight in meteor garden leh, its more like Neo vs the shifu in matrix or jet li vs jackie chan! his fight scene was WAH!!!! 帅呆了! but then jerry yan is appearing as a 友情客串, cameo only. i want to see more of him!! sigh....

3) its probably unfair to make the following statement, considering its only been just one episode. there's alot of piano playing scenes by the female lead, Jiang Yuchen (rumoured to be J 女郎, haha). i think she play piano for abit too long liao. but then again, its a very "jay chou" thing to include piano playing scenes, u know what i mean? :)

4) probably another unfair statement to make, the 2 male leads (熊猫人 and 熊猫侠) abit not very convincing when they're in their superhero costume. its like, there's no aura around them, they don't exactly look powerful especially since they're supposed to 拯救世界, they look too soft and scrawny to be saving the world. haha.

5) i can easily see that jay chou put in ALOT of effort to make, produce, direct and act in this show. 他真的很用心去拍.

so.... i think i'll continue to watch this drama, to support Mr Jay Chou. i will buy the DVD when its out. the official original DVD of course. hehe.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

its the time of the year again!!

2nd february. dunno whether to celebrate or sob. haha.

anyway, dinner the day before (1st feb) was steamboat at home.

my favourite vegetables! n fishballs, shabu shabu!!

prawns, chicken, pacific clams, mushroom, toufu, tomato, straw mushroom... the common yet important dishes in steamboat

one side chicken, the other side tom yam. looks not bad rite? haha

and we managed to clear ALL!! damn bloated.

it was a 1kg ice cream cake that i bought. hee. the chocolate was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

就想赖着你 down with love

i posted on this blog on 2nd may 2009, that i can't wait for this drama to start.

now 8 months later, its finally going to air in taiwan!!!! ella is a terrific actress to watch. =)

S.H.E Is The One concert, here i come!!!!

i bought the tickets first thing in the morning the day the priority booking starts. LOL. didnt manage to get the A blocks near the extended stage, according to the sistic person, its unclickable for the 1st 9 rows at the blocks near the extended stage, while 1st 4 rows are all blocked out for the rest of the A blocks. then the P area (the level seating) available only 11th row onwards. yes, thank u very much for the so called "priority booking". i got the next best seats lah, the next block near the extended stage and row 5. i hope its quite near to see enough on stage. hahahaha!! although disappointed to find majority of the good seats are blocked off and 被挡掉,at least got advantage over the public sales, which starts 6 days after priority booking. i guess those blocked and unpurchase-able seats are reserved by sponsors or advertisers, which will be available for lucky draws and stuff, or for the fan club!!!! shit.

oh, THANK YOU SHUPS for agreeing so fast, to go the concert with me, because i only found out at 7am that the priority booking starts in 3 hours' time. kanchiong like mad! because i know how "kiasu" the S.H.E fans can be. hahaha..

Monday, December 21, 2009

currently watching Fringe

its very sci-fi, kinda like the x-files, although i've never really watched the x-files series the last time. haha

the special effects are pretty cool, the plot is quite good, and i like the central theme of the weird cases in every episode. it seems quite crazy and out of the world, sometimes ridiculous (like they can somehow glue back the million pieces of shattered crystal. or there's a struggle that happened in a room, they can recover the conversations that took place by retrieving noises/voices trapped in the windows), very ridiculous, but somehow, they managed to make the whole thing enjoyable and good to watch, haha.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

S.H.E is the One

i can't wait for the concert to come to singapore!!

ella said singapore's stop will be in 2010.

i have to start planning and saving liao. taiwan (may '2010) and malaysia (duno when) concerts. haha.

Hebe said that she was under tremendous stress for the HK and shanghai concerts, because there was too little time for them to practise, as they had to learn entirely new dance moves for their old songs. Ella said she would 把舞跳个两三遍才去睡,躺着睡觉时眼泪会一直流。 Selina said she'd go home and 大哭,然后就去种菜。 (Ella explained its a facebook game) Hahahaha.. Selina's so funny, i also like to 种菜!hehe

Sunday, November 8, 2009

S.H.E at session session at causeway point.

since its limited to 1500 people. i was there very early in the morning. and guess what? there were already ALOT of people. to be frank, i was really bored. i mean, what am i gonna do for the next hours since i'm in the queue now? hahhaa... play NDS, listen to ipod, watch videos on my phone. sit until legs went numb.

event supposedly started at 2pm. they came at around 2.30pm, of course we were all outside queuing, don't know what's happening on the stage inside. haha. by 3pm, it was my turn already. because the security people were very quick to get u off the stage, everything was very well organised, and S.H.E signed pretty fast too. so i was on stage for like maybe 8 seconds. LOL.

after i went down the stage, i tried to squeeze in around stage area to snap some photos. and i counted, in a minute, abt 8-30 people went up and down the stage. depending if there's a jam. like for example, ur getting them to sign 2 items, but at the end u realised ur handed back 1 item, means someone in front of u took it away! so there's slight confusion causing the jam. but overall they will manage to handle the situation very fast, because the sticker tag (they want u to past on ur right side chest) will state how many and what items ur signing, so u also cannot bluff ur way and take what does not belong to u. haha.




the entire thing ended at around 4pm. so i think i was like in the first 500 people loh. the number tags they gave out were in random, they just have exactly 1500 tags to give up, but just not in order, so u could be the first in Q but given a tag numbered 0853 or something. haha.

OH! S.H.E said that there will be a singapore concert!!! in next year 2010. haha. it was mentioned in the official HIM site that the taiwan one will be in May 2010. so nobody really knows when will be singapore's turn. even S.H.E said they just don't know when, but there will definitely be a singapore one. haha. YAY!

btw, there was this lady (i think maybe organisers of osim or what) who kept walking up and down the stairs connecting the stage and the floor. i mean, what the hell? she also got nothing to do on stage, but she just kept standing on the stairs area, and blocked the view, and blocked people's way. best part, she was up on the stairs chatting with her crew people on the floor. siao. u want to chat u stand on the floor level with them can? what for u stand on the stairs and block everything, and all ur doing is chat with people. she was blocking my view of S.H.E loh!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

S.H.E at osim press conference...

...held at ion orchard. first time press conference held in open space, as in open to public and in a shopping centre! so exciting! hehe.

S.H.E finally came on stage and their first words were: "新加坡朋友们好, 我们是 S.H.E!"

Selina: "嗨! 好久不见, 你们想我们吗? 我们也很想你们."
Ella: "嗨! 好久不见, 我们也很想念新加坡哦."
Hebe: "嗨! 赶快检查自己有没有赘肉啊, 赶快来买 uKimono."

HAHAHA!!! Hebe is so funny.

i took an awful load of photos and videos. videos mainly, because they were talking and chatting... super excited to see them so high. oh yah, they actually came down from the escalator (the super long escalator from level 1, all the way down B4) and the host said they're gonna 从天而降.

the event supposedly starts at 4pm, but they arrive at abt 5pm, and left around 5.40pm. they needed to rush to the indoor stadium for the 新加坡金曲奖, sigh, why everytime they come here the schedule 排得满满 and so 赶?and they always 来去匆匆...

Thursday, November 5, 2009

S.H.E in singapore!!!

i'm siao again as usual, i went airport to see them. haha. lucky my meeting ended way earlier, so i didnt need to rush down. hee.

they were on SQ flight and would land in T3, belt 42.
several people (young kids, i feel so old! but im not the oldest there, haha!!) were waiting around the area. then all of a sudden, the customs officer asked "are u all waiting for the celebrities? they will exit at belt 47, which is at the other end."
WAH! i tell u all the school girls and young people started RUNNING! i was like, their luggage not even out on the belt yet, don't need so kanchiong! LOL.

and then they came out!

looking as cheery and friendly as ever. Selina's so stylish!!

Hebe glances in my direction.

ok, i was so worried that Hebe won't take my flower (with a note), so my eyes were focused on Hebe and i didnt realise whatever i'm videoing was out of frame. LOL. i was screaming "Hebe! Hebe! HEBE!! please take my flower i made it myself." and then she finally reaches out...

...and grabbed my flower! (i realised afterwards, that i blocked Ella's way. Opps! sorry Ella, i wasn't being rude but i HAD TO scream for Hebe's attention, hee!)

my paper-made flower is in her hand! WOO HOOO!! haha. and Ella walked right past in front of me, but i was busy with all my attention on Hebe.

Hebe 手上还拿着我的花。

i want to buy a bag like Hebe's! and the shirt she wore is so fashion, 好时尚! it's like a men's shirt and she wore it with such style (which not many can carry off), she looks so hot! haha. 走在时尚的尖端, 辣!

and then they boarded their van, and just like that, they were gone in 60 seconds. i wish they would walk slower, u know, like walking on the 红地毯 of the 金马奖. =)

ok, maybe i should tell myself "enough with the flower already!!" hahaha..
because for all i know, it could be crushed accidentally while they're on the van, or that its misplaced in their hotel room, or it might end up in the garbage bin while housekeeping cleans the room, or the cleaning auntie found it so cute and kept it for herself. haha!

but i'm already over the moon happy that Hebe TOOK THE FLOWER FROM MY HAND! 她亲手从我手上拿了那朵花!!!

今晚不能睡了,因为太兴奋。 哈哈!!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

S.H.E coming to Singapore...

i have no idea why the picture is so small. i already put as "large" and its a big size picture originally. hmm..

basically, S.H.E will be here in Singapore to do alot of things. Mainly to promote the OSIM product they newly endorse.. since they will be in singapore, they 顺便 promote their book, very long time ago they announce there would probably be an autograph session for their book (which came out in July, now November liao, haha). and then they will 顺便 attend this year's Singapore Hit Awards (新加坡金曲奖, the one by YES933) i think they will only be here 3 days! sigh, why everytime so rush?

anyway, a major problem is, the autograph session only allow 1500 fans! shit! that time they came for the FM SHE album, they signed everyone in the queue. this time they will give out number tags at 11am (the actual event starts at 2pm) which means i have to be in the queue WAY earlier than 11am in order to make it to the first 1500. shit! that time i was already very early, yet there were already bloody alot of people in front of me.

so this time i am in deep shit. how do i fight with those teenagers who are probably planning to stay at causeway point overnight? and i dont have any friends who are as siao as me....

so WHO willing to go together with me? and WHO willing to take video/photos for me if i do get to go on stage? (they dont allow cameras on stage)


Monday, October 26, 2009

Liverpool 2, Manchester United 0

wooooo hooooo.....

almost got a stroke/heart attack when carragher brought down owen. luckily Torres was on form and provided such inspiration on the pitch that other players too, played with enthusiasm, chasing every ball and closing down on opponents all the time. i think man utd were stunned that they were being closed down so fast, that they panicked to pass balls quickly. haha. it was great to see ferguson's red face. LOL
check out his abs. woo!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Torres collects award...

and he looked so good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

black and white 痞子英雄

trying to watch this currently. initially, i wasn't so keen on this drama. but after reading and hearing good reviews, i've decided to give it a try. i've seen the first 4 episodes, so far so good. i like 張鈞甯's (janine chang) acting. i first saw her in "白色巨塔", she's good! so besides the 2 male leads, both super eye-candy, there's still janine to look forward to. hehe

oh, worth a mention, 王传一 (kingone wang)'s cameo as a baddie was a fantastic choice by the casting people. i didnt know he could play and act so well as a psychopath. his performance impressed me. i always thought he's suitable for rich man or goody-two-shoes roles. like in Why Why Love. and he's so good looking! never thought he could portray an evil villain, because he has his 偶像包袱. haha. i think this has opened up his acting opportunities now that he no longer has to always be the nice guy. haha.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

PES 2010

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010.

it looks great!

special mention to the animation and graphics people for making xabi alonso look more real and alike. previously he has a "common face". as in, those relatively unimportant or unknown players in the game all have the same face. hahahha.. but now, according to this revealed image, its awesome!

but, sigh, alonso has left liverpool. sigh!!!!! stupid rafa!!!!!!! why didnt u give support to alonso? blatantly claiming in public, wanting to sell alonso in order to get barry. alonso is so much better than barry loh!! sigh... being sad now also no use lah, if only i was rafa's advisor or part of the committee regarding liverpool transfers. hahahah... fret not, i still have fernando torres to look forward to.!

see how real life he looks now?!!! the previous version looks ok, but abit broad and fat in the lips area. u probably don't see what i mean, but i played the game, every time there's a close up shot of him, i want to cry. then i went online to search in forums and discussion boards for the dimensions needed to recreate torres's face. then someone commented he desperately needed to recreate torres, because the original in the game looks like he's got ronaldinho's teeth. HAHAHAHA. i burst out laughing, because he does indeed have some sort of protruding teeth there. in the end (because nobody could come up with the exact dimensions), i could only change his hairstyle, so that the mouth area wont look so... big. hahahhahaha

Thursday, September 3, 2009

upcoming movies...

i think i'm no longer a movie freak i used to be. last time i can watch like 2 movies every week, regardless of 口碑 or if its star studded or interesting, the attitude back then was "don't care, just watch!" but now its like, only when people jio then i consider, or i only watch blockbusters. and i've missed a lot of movies which are considered to be box office hits, like... terminator salvation, 17 again, GI Joe.. u know, those kinds of movies that u think "eh, eileen is sure going to watch this"... like that time jane did NOT roll her eyes or what when i told her i watched 'win a date with tad hamilton' in the cinema. she was very nonchalant and didnt go "omg, u went to watch a lame chick flick!" hahahaha...

anyway, here's a couple more movies that i really intend to watch. if cannot find kaki to watch with, then i will definitely go watch alone. shows how determined i am about these (exciting) movies. hahaha!!

1) the Time Traveler's Wife

i love rachel mcadams!

2) Surrogates

i saw the trailer, very interesting! with action as well. and its got bruce wilis, so i think it wont be a bad movie lah, haha.

3) Inglourious Basterds

yes it is spelt "basterds". the director did it on purpose, quentin tarantino leh! and got brad pitt! i saw the trailer, his accent is... very well done. hahahah..

4) Twilight Saga: New Moon

this one must watch ah! with all the hype, winning awards at teen choice's and whatnot. and robert pattinson's hair. wah lau, need i say more?

5) Jennifer's Body

megan fox. enough said! hahaha.. but seriously, i saw the trailer, it seems very funny! the dialogue was hilarious, the dark humour kind, which i quite like! haha

eh? i think there are more movies on my mind, but now suddenly cant recall... will continue this a while later/

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

S.H.E 爱的3温暖:after thoughts

读到 selina 说她在北一女的故事,让我很怀念中学的时期。虽然不太记得,但印象中好像满 carefree 的,每什么压力。i was very very low profile in class, and didnt have a clique of very very good friends or 死党. the only thing i knew was to do homework and study for tests. hahaha! the stories Selina wrote were somewhat very happening, because for me, i didnt know the meaning of being rebelious and 不会和老师顶嘴。i think the most 叛逆 thing i ever done was skip track and field. i hated that CCA (课外活动). the teachers and coaches were simply crap.

看到Hebe拍的好多张照片。日本,泰国,等等... so many places! 顿时觉得自己的世界好小。生活也乏味,我梦想中的生活是多姿多彩。一直幻想: 喝个class的下午茶。没事飞台北逛逛。放假时飞纽约买衣服,再到L.A的某某bar看帅哥美女。 hahahaha...

Ella说她像个小太阳,永远照亮别人。其实她内心满忧郁的。这一点还和自己有像leh. i like making lame jokes, 跟朋友聊天时喜欢说好笑的事件/故事。但自己不是开心的。sigh.

it's an interesting book. i mean, who knew that S.H.E would release a book that they themselves are authors? a fan once asked Hebe if she would ever author a book, as Hebe 的文字很特别/创作能力满强的 (she also writes lyrics!), and Hebe replied "应该不太可能" hahaha... 所以真的很意外,她们出写真书。她们的 “跟我一起去旅行” 我有买!! hehe. another thing that took me by surprise is, 原来 selina used to bully her little sister, because she's jealous of all the attention 妹妹 is receiving. hahahaha...

她们出唱片,出书,出写真,开演唱会,设计衣服,主持节目,拍戏,又那么综艺/会搞笑,开电台当DJ, 真的是好多元化,不知道下一步她们会有什么新鲜的尝试。开个S.H.E的综艺节目?! 哈哈,应该会忙死她们吧!

希望 S.H.E 能多来新加坡!因为我飞到台北也见不到她们 lah,
「S.H.E is the One@爱而为一」世界巡回演唱会, 首站 at 香港红墈体育馆 16/17 October 2009.
期待 S.H.E 在新加坡的演出。 Yay!!